Tagents Barn, Graffham, Petworth, West Sussex
Garden Graffham Village Holiday Cottage Luxurious Open Plan Living Stunning Views of the South Downs

What's Special?

Tagents Barn took 5 years to turn from a derelict farm building where we used to do lambing to the luxurious home you see today. We have sought to make this conversion of a classic Sussex timber frame barn one which will give our guests the sense of peace and timelessness which antiquity gives combined with the highest standards of creature comforts that befit a special holiday location. We have also insisted on built-in sustainability.

When people walk into the barn for the first time they almost always say “wow!” as they look at the majestic grey beams and the rafters soaring above. This contrasts with the modern styling of the interior using glass, crisp white walls and new oak to carve out the mezzanine bedrooms without detracting from the feeling of lightness and space.

The interior has been professionally designed using an eclectic mixture of furniture and bold colours to give a warm and welcoming feel.

When our visitors are led out through the glass double doors into the private walled garden we know that we can expect a broad smile and a reaction along the lines of: “Oh, this is lovely“ as they take in the the lawn surrounded by flower beds, the paved area with dining table and chairs and the open fronted brick and flint barn which can be used for anything from dining to games.

Limited mobility

We have sought to make Tagents Barn easily accessible as we believe that living in the barn and enjoying the garden and the wonderful views with a variety of wild life will contribute to making a memorable holiday for those who have limited mobility.

Access to the barn for wheelchair users is via a ramp leading from the setting down area for cars to the double doors opening immediately onto the ground floor living area.

The ground floor bedroom and bathroom are suitable for use by wheelchair users. Wheelchair users cannot, however, directly access the garden from the main living area as there are steps to navigate.

If you have any questions relating to special needs please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

The journey

When we purchased Tagents Farm in 1983 the barn was already looking very down at heel although fortunately it was still weather proof. It was unsuitable for modern farming but we used it as a store and lambing pen, and for one memorable party. The adjacent steel frame and breeze block shed (now replaced by the walled garden) added little to the surroundings but was useful for breeding sheep and horses.

As time went by keeping the weather out became an issue and we were faced with the choice of leaving it to rot or renovating it. We were reluctant to see such a beautiful building disappear during our tenure so in 2007 we decided to take the plunge and convert it for residential use. As anyone who has embarked on such a project will tell you, the planners do not make life easy and there are always unexpected problems which inevitably result in delay and extra cost. One comes to realise that it has to be viewed as a labour of love. We want our guests to enjoy the results to the full